Oral Dutasteride for Hair Loss

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Free Physician Consultation: This is a compounded prescription medication and requires a doctor’s consultation. There is no additional charge for the doctor consultation. During the payment process, you will be required to answer several questions about your medical history and submit photos of your hair. After you submit your order, the physician will evaluate your medical history, examine your hair loss photos and then write the order. If the physician determines you are not a candidate, you will be given a full refund.

What is Oral Dutasteride?

Oral Dutasteride is an FDA approved medication used to treat enlarged prostate and has been used off-label for treating male pattern hair loss. It is the generic name for the brand Avodart(R). Clinical studies have shown that oral dutasteride has a better efficacy in treating male pattern hair loss compared to oral finasteride. Patients typically see thicker, fuller hair around 6 months with daily use, and a reduction in hair shedding . Dutasteride requires a prescription, so a medical consultation is required.  Happy Head includes the medical consultation for free!

How Does Oral Dutasteride Work?

Dutasteride is a medication that is referred to as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, functionally similar to finasteride. 5-alpha reductase (5AR) is responsible for converting the testosterone hormone into another hormone called dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT. DHT is responsible for shrinking hair follicles and causing male pattern baldness. By blocking the production of DHT, dutasteride (and finasteride) prevent hair loss. However, clinical studies have shown that dutasteride is approximately three times more potent than finasteride in inhibiting type-2 5AR and 100 times more potent in inhibiting type-1 5AR. Clinical studies have also shown dutasteride to be more effective in treating male pattern baldness than oral finasteride.

How Does Happy Head Work?

Since oral dutasteride is a prescription medication, it requires a doctor’s consultation and prescription. With Happy Head, the doctor’s consultation is free and included when you purchase dutasteride. Simply fill out the short medical survey, and a physician will review your medical history and determine your eligibility for dutasteride. Once approved, the prescription is written, sent electronically to the pharmacy and the medication is shipped out to you in discreet packaging with 2nd day delivery. You will also receive free continuous support from our physicians in case there are any questions or issues.