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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Oral finasteride is an FDA approved medication used for hair loss in males. Topical finasteride is a compounded prescription made by a compounding pharmacy with cases studies showing efficacy in hair growth and increasing hair density.

Yes. Topical finasteride is a compounded medication made by a pharmacist for you on a monthly basis.

In studies, topical finasteride has been shown to cause hair growth and increase hair density, very similar to the effects of oral finasteride. The only difference is that topical finasteride is not ingested and only applied topically to the scalp.

Yes. There are many clinical studies demonstrating  the efficacy of topical finasteride. For example, in a clinical trial study of 45 male patients, Hajheydari et al. (2009) compared oral finasteride 1mg vs topical finasteride 1% for a total of 6 months. Both the oral finasteride 1mg and the topical finasteride 1% showed statistically significant increase in total and terminal hair count after 4 months. Authors concluded that “the therapeutic effects of both finasteride gel and finasteride tablet were relatively similar to each other.” For a summary of current clinical studies, please read our blog post titled “Efficacy of Topical Finasteride: Review of Current Medical Literature.”

Typically, it takes about 6 months for it take effect, just like its counterpart oral finasteride.

Yes. Our dermatologist-developed formula is a combination of topical Finasteride 0.25%, Minoxidil 8% and Retinoic acid. Clinical study by Tanglertsampan C. (2012) demonstrated that topical finasteride fortified with minoxidil is superior to topical minoxidil alone by itself. 

Yes. It is a liquid solution that you apply to scalp daily.

Yes. The fee for the service is $79 monthly, and that includes the initial office visit with a physician who will evaluate and prescribe the medication, a 60ml bottle that is shipped to your house monthly. There are no additional charges for shipping and handling.

Yes. To cancel your subscription, please contact customer service at [email protected], or call or text (844) 962-4247 between 9am – 5pm PST. 

Please click on the subscription from the homepage.

Yes. Topical finasteride works just like oral finasteride and it can affect PSA level. PSA is a protein produced by the prostate gland and is used to screen for prostate cancer.  If you are planning to get a PSA test done with your physician, please discuss with your healthcare provider that you are using finasteride, as finasteride has been shown to affect PSA lab results.

We recommend that discuss this with your own healthcare provider.  If you are planning to get a PSA test, please inform your healthcare provider that you are using finasteride, as finasteride has been shown to affect PSA lab results.

You apply it twice daily onto your scalp.

Clinical studies demonstrate that topical finasteride has clinically proven, evidence-based, scientific data to show its efficacy in growing hair and that it may have a lower side effect profile compared to oral finasteride. There are many side effects associated with ORAL finasteride, especially sexual side effects. There have been many clinical studies on TOPICAL finasteride. Majority of those studies showed no sexual side effects for patient using topical finasteride, sometimes at higher concentration than our formula. Specifically, out of the 7 clinical studies reported above, only one study showed one event with sexual side effects (testicular pain). This is 1 out of 268 subjects in all of the studies, which equates to a rate of 0.37%. In contrast, oral finasteride is associated with sexual side effects in 1.8% to 3.8% of patients, which means that in the above 268 subjects, there should have been about 5 to 10 subjects experiencing some form of sexual side effects. However, this was not the case. With that said, it is recommended to titrate up the use of topical finasteride in order to avoid shocking the system and our physicians will go over that with you. Please remember that any side effect that may occur on oral finasteride can possibly occur with topical finasteride, but according to clinical studies, the side effects may be lower. Please note that patients may have different sensitivity to the topical finasteride, thus results and side effects may vary. Please consult with a physician before starting prescription strength topical finasteride. In the case of Happy Head, you will have a physician consultation in order to determine eligibility for the topical finasteride. Eligibility is based upon medical history, current degree  of hair loss, allergies etc. Your physician will also review side effects with you in writing. We encourage our users to read our blog titled “Side Effects of Topical Finasteride: Review of Current Medical Literature.”

In clinical studies on topical finasteride, topical finasteride has been shown to be as effective as oral finasteride. For a review of all the clinical studies, please see our blog

Topical finasteride is a prescription compounded medication made by a compounded pharmacy. It requires a physician’ consultation and a prescription to obtain.

According to case studies, topical finasteride can grow and thicken hair if used consistently for at least 6 months.

You should not use topical finasteride if you or your partner is planning to get pregnant, is pregnant or breastfeeding. Finasteride is a category X and should be avoided by pregnant patients.

Women over the age of 50 may use topical finasteride. Women under the age of 50 will not be prescribed finasteride due to the possibility of creating birth defects. We offer topical spironolactone for women of childbearing age.

Yes. There are many case studies showing the efficacy of topical finasteride dating back to 1997. Please read our blog post titled “Efficacy of Topical Finasteride: Review of Current Medical Literature.

Please stop the medication and contact your doctor immediately.

With oral finasteride, the risk of sexual side effects are about 1.8% to 3.8% of patients. Just like the oral counterpart, you may still develop sexual side effects even on topical finasteride. However, according to clinical studies, since you are not ingesting it orally, the risk of sexual side effects may be lower than taking the medication orally. Please read our blog “Side Effects of Topical Finasteride: Review of Current Medical Literature.” To better answer the question, every patient is required to have a physician consultation before being prescribed the medication. Our physicians always recommend titrating up the medication and they will discuss this will you during the consultation. Every patient may have a different sensitivity to finasteride, thus results and side effects may vary among individuals. 

Yes. This is a prescription medication that needs a physician consultation and prescription to obtain. Through Happy Head, your consultation with the physician is complimentary. The doctor will evaluate you and prescribe you the medication.

No. Happy Head has a propriety topical finasteride/minoxidil formula that has to be made by our own compounding pharmacy for quality control purposes.

No. If you stop the medication, your hair will return to the state of where it would have been if you never used the medication.

It takes about 6 months for the topical finasteride to work. Once you start using it, if you were to stop, the results will recede back to normal.