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How I Regained My Confidence With Happy Head

“I switched over from another competitor because of side effects I was getting from finasteride. Thus far, this has been amazing! I am so happy as is my head :)

Elbek A.
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I’ve struggled with hair loss ever since I hit 26. Coming from a long lineage of proud bald men, I always knew this day would come. Still, that didn’t stop my chest from tightening when I first noticed one morning how thin my hair had gotten. For a while I was able to convince myself not to worry about it — until I started seeing visible bald spots.

Other than regular haircuts, I’ve never put much thought into my hair. It did what it needed to do, for me as well as the ladies. Suddenly face to face with my increasingly bald future, I realized I actually wasn’t okay with being resigned to this fate. I like my hair, dammit. I like what I see when I look in the mirror most of the time. The thought of losing that was bleak. Previously long lost memories of TV infomercials for hair loss treatments that interrupted my cartoons as a kid started to cloud my mind. If there are treatments that work, then why not fight this?

I like my hair, dammit.

Down the Google rabbit hole I went, and I came up on the other side with the decision to give oral finasteride pills a go. An oral solution seemed easy enough: the promise of hair regrowth with the pop of a single pill each day? Sign me up. In my desperate state, I was immediately sold, only stopping briefly to skim the side effect warnings. Every drug has a laundry list of side effects — what’s the worst that could happen?

Famous last words, right? A couple months into taking the finasteride pills, I wasn’t feeling like my usual self. I was constantly getting headaches and experiencing bouts of dizziness. Worst of all, my libido plummeted. I trashed them as soon as I put two and two together. These pills were supposed to help my confidence and add some spark to my relationship, and they weren’t doing either. Was I really going to have to choose between my hair and my d***? It’s 2021 for pete’s sake — Jeff Bezos can fly to space, but he can’t keep his hair AND his libido?

Was I really going to have to choose between my hair and d***?

Today, gentlemen, I can proudly say that both of mine are fully intact and thriving, and I have Happy Head to thank for that. As it turns out, finasteride comes as a topical, too, that you can apply directly to your scalp, instead of exposing your whole body to the drug. The best part? I haven’t experienced any of the side effects I had earlier. I’m not the only one either — of all the men who used topical finasteride in clinical studies, only .37% experienced any side effects, whereas the rate for oral finasteride is between 1.8% and 3.8%.

This isn’t just any finasteride topical though. Happy Head combines theirs with up to 8% minoxidil, which is made even more effective by the retinoic acid in the formula. No high maintenance routine — just one simple step. It’s a no brainer and couldn’t be easier to get your hands on. First, they provided a free consultation with one of their dermatologists, where I was able to voice my concerns about side effects and my past medical history so that the doctor could craft a personalized bottle just for me. My formula is completely customizable, and your’s will be too. The best part about Happy Head besides the fact that I’ve had significant hair growth since I started it two years ago? With my subscription, a new bottle is delivered right to my door every month.

Now I’ll stop rambling about this amazing product, but if you’ve experienced anything like what I described above, or if you’re simply starting your hair loss product research, trust me, no one else is making a product like this. Happy Head will change your life, just like it did to mine.